Best City Building Games For Android

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Hello Gamers, how are you all ? i hope you all are fine. So, today i'm here with a new article to share some city building simulation games with all of you. These games will be so much addictive and perfect for killing your free times. As i already mentioned in the title before, This games will be based on the city building simulation. So, here you can create a virtual living city of yours. You can customize your very own city with different houses, schools, colleges, instituions and buildings. Also you can decorate your city with various popular monuments. You will work there as a mayor in your own city. Where you will earn ingame cash as much you will play. Then you can use them to unlock different items to grow up your game level. Also there are social features available in the game. Where you can connect with your friends, And trade with them. That's it. Isn't it so cool ? Here you will experience a thrilling town building adventure in these games. There are many popular titles available in playstore yet. And all those games are different in their own way. So, today i'm going make a list of all those games here. And i'm sure you will be amazed after playing those games. So, why are you waiting ? give them a try now !

Game NameDeveloper
SimCity BuildIt (Offline)ELECTRONIC ARTS Install
Megapolis (Online)Social Quantum Ltd Install
Little Big City 2 (Offline)Gameloft Install
Township (Online)Playrix Games Install
City Mania (Online)Gameloft Install
My City (Online)Nanobit Games Install
Dream City (Online)Storm8 Studios Install
City Island (Offline)Sparkling Society Install
Virtual City Playground (Online)G5 Entertainment Install
Airport City (Offline)Game Insight Install
Pocket City Free (Offline)Codebrew Games Install

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