Best Android Smartphones For Gaming 2019

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Hello Gamers, How are you all ? i hope you all are fine. Today i'm here with a new article to discuss about 'Best Android Smartphones For Gaming 2019'. So, before wasting any time let's get started.
Among the main motivations that drive consumers to opt for top quality mobile phones with impressive specifications is their love for gaming. Fortunately, we're in an era where even the more affordable phone models from the less popular brands, are able enough to handle most of todays mobile games. Nevertheless, the fact that some devices are just better than others remains. Therefore, what makes the best Android phone for gaming? A good phone for gaming is one which has a high resolution display, a sizable CPU and Graphics processing unit power, sufficient Memory and ROM, and long lasting battery. Additional features, like VR support, might also appeal to you.

To assist you in your search, weve put together a listing of the top selections which are currently out available on the market to this day. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the most recent additions to Samsungs flagship family. Whenever we talk about the display, performance, and battery, the S9 and S9+ perfectly fit the bill. Without a doubt, they were designed to bring about improvements and refinements that their predecessors, the S8 and S8+, fell a little short. The S9 and S9+ both have the Game Launcher, which contains all the gaming apps on the phone and features designed specifically designed to improve users gaming experience.

With the Game Launcher, you can lock edge touch and auto brightness, and silence alarms and sounds to help you focus better. They're powered by an Octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or Octa core Samsung Exynos 9810 processor. They've 64 GB internal storage, which can be expanded through a microSD up to 256 GB. - Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - In 2016, Samsungs Galaxy Note line hit a hitch when a manufacturing defect in Note 7 caused extreme battery overheating, which in several cases resulted in fires. But, a year later, it appeared Samsung wasnt ready to completely give up their most favored phone line.

With regards to gaming, the Note 8s processing power is likely to offer a pleasant overall experience. The Note 8 comes along with 3, 300 mAh battery and a 6.3 inches QHD+ display. But do not be fooled this size might seem massive on paper, but the phones slim and thin body still makes for a comfortable grip, that is a must for extreme mobile gaming. - Google Pixel 2 XL - Google Pixel 2 XL is the main contender if you are in maximum battery power and display capacity. While you may find some of your preferred games do not fill the entire screen, you won't need to worry about smooth performance and crisp graphics, as both are entirely covered by Pixel 2 XLs 4 GB Memory, 64 bit Octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, and 6 inches pOLED display. And that's a wrap in this article. I hope it will help you choose a better phone for sure. And if you have any suggestion or question regarding this article, please comment down below in the comment section. Thank You !!

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