Real Cricket GO Beta Version Launched

Hello Gamers, As you all know Real Cricket GO was launched yesterday. So, Today i'm going to review this game. and here we will take a look at the main features of this little package. Which comes with only 33 MB of filesize. You can say, Real Cricket 18 has got it's little brother. I am sure, you will be amazed after seeing it's features in this filesize. So, before wasting any time we will jump straight into the main topic. As developers promised us earlier, that there will be same taste of gameplay like the full version. Yes, there is. And i have played a full match to see all the hidden features and find some bugs too. But, this is a beta version. So, we will need to consider it. I hope Nautilus developers will hear us and fix those bugs soon. Let's check the main available features and missing features below from the list.

Main Features:

1) It has very good graphics considering the filesize.
2) Quick match with all major international teams availble.
3) 4 types of international tournaments available (Associate cup, Asia cup, Champions cup & World cup).
4) 4 types of controls available (Pro joystck, Joystick, Legacy swipe & Classic swipe).
5) 3 batting camera angles available (Broadcast, Close & Pro cam).
6) 2 bowling camera angles available (Broadcast & Close cam).
7) English commentary available.
8) Misc options available to toggle some items (Ball trail, Pitch cursor, Timing meter, Ball type).
9) Action replay available.
10) 4 types of statistics available (Wagonwheel, Manhattan, Partnership & Hawkeye).
11) Full squad available to switch between players.
12) DRS review with ultra edge detect and hotspot available.

Missing Features:

1) Night mode option.
2) T20 world cup.
3) Domestic tournaments (NPL, BBL, BPL, PPL).
4) Test match.

This is a realy good cricket game ever made in such specification. And it can be played in 512 MB ram devices too. Also this will be a good option for those playes, who always like to install lite apps instead of installing heavy apps. However, I will give 9 out of 10 rating to this game. Hands down to the developers !! keep up the good work.

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