Online vs Offline Android Games Explained

Hello Gamers, Today i'm here to discuss about the difference between Online Games and Offline Games over mobile. So at first we will take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages between them. As you all know, in current days online games are gaining so much popularity while comparing with offline games. There are so many reasons behind it. First of all, Online Games are much addictive for it's social features and multiplayer gameplay. And now the era of Candy Crush, Temple Run has gone completely. You can play them when you have no internet connection but may not able to play these games for a long time. You will get easily bored by playing them. And the main thing is, In current time we all have a decent internet connection in our mobile. And the price for internet packages are getting lower day by day. So we are playing PUBG, COC for a whole day. And now most of developers are making a game with good online features and unique gameplay rather than making offline games. Because every developer wants money for their hard work. And offline games are more weak and can be hackable in most of cases. Also offline games uses locallly data save in your device storage to store ingame progress, so there are more chances to lost your proggress after uninstalling the game. And if we talk about online games, there are a server behind the game to save the progress. Also an online game is more secure and can't be played by using any cheats. And in my opinion, online games are more enjoyable. But everyone has their own opinion. So, let me know your opinion in the comment section below. Thank You !!

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