Is It Safe To Use GFX Tool For PUBG Mobile ?

Hello Gamers, Today i'm here to give a honest review and opinion on the app named "GFX Tool". And also i will try to discuss all the pros and cons about this app. So, if you are a regular player of PUBG Mobile, you may have noticed few videos or articles on this app. As we all know that, this app is useful to increase graphics in PUBG Mobile. And yes, it realy works. It's not a fake app at all. But before using the app we should know about it's drawback too. So, sit back relax and read this article to learn more about it. At first we will try to understand how it works ? It simply uses your internal game save data to change your graphic settings by changing the value of default resolution and color correction values. And that's not a problem for us, because it doesn't require root permission to work. And i can say, this app isn't a hermful app for your device. But there is a huge drawback !! You will ask me why ? Listen, The developers of PUBG Mobile has officially anounced that, this is an unofficial way to maximize your graphic settings. And they will not support this trick to be used in the game. So, there are more chance to get banned by using this app. And i will not suggest to use this app at all. You can try it at your own risk !! If you have more questions about this article, Please comment down below in the comment section. Thank You !!

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This was very useful I like your "pros and cons" about this article keep developing your language skills bro young men like me will also try to learn from you