In Game Social Logins, And It's Security

Hello Gamers, Today i'm here with an important topic to discuss with. In current time many online mobile games are available in the market, And specially PUBG, Fortnite, COC, 8 Ball Pool like online games are becoming so much popular in all over world. If you are a regular player of these games, You may have seen a popup while playing the game. Sometime it says to connect your game with your social accounts (ex. Facebook, Twitter, VK etc.) to save your progress online. it's an another way to save your online game prorgress, when your phone doesn't support google play game services to store your game data online. Also some online game offers for few ingame items to connect with any social account. While other offers to coonect with your social friends. Now let's break down this topic by coming to the main question. IS IT SAFE TO USE ?? The answer will "yes it is", but for a limited games. You may use your social accounts to login your favourite games, but make sure that those games are made by any trusted developer. Because after allowing all the permissions while sign into the game they will have full access to collect all your personal data. And they can use your account later for promoting their services over internet. So, if you want my suggestion on this matter. i will say, please don't sign into any non-popular game via social networks. Stay safe and enjoy the game. That's all for today, if you have any other question on this topic, please comment down below in the comment section. Thank You !!

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