How To Reduce Gameplay Lags & SpeedUP Performance In Android ?

Hello Gamers, Today i'm here with a serious topic to discuss with all of you. As i already mentioned in the title, 'Gamplay Lags' is an well known issue as well as a hard pill to swallow. And it's quite irritating to play our favourite games with such lags too. That's why, we are looking at ways on how to reduce lags and speed-up performance in android games. Please note, here we'll not claim to romove lag from all your favourite games. Because it's impossible to do that. But we can atleast try our best to get a little better gaming experience by following these steps. And here, we'll devide this article into two simple parts to understand why it occurs and how to solve ? Let's start !

Why it Occurs ??
There are many reasons behind it. So, we'll try to understand it in a simple way.

1) Bad optimization of the game.
2) Device incomapatibility.
3) Running background apps with data access.
4) Poor network connection.
5) Game servers isn't responsive.

How to Reduce / Solve ??

1) If you're playing an offline game, please turn off your mobile data or wifi connection. Or you can simply turn on flight mode to solve unwanted lags.

2) Use a task killer app or game booster to kill background apps before playing the game.

3) Restart your phone, before playing any high end game. This will help to close your background running apps. And you'll get smooth gameplay.

4) Always try to play online games with a good network connection.

5) Disconnect your phone from the charger port. Then play the game.

6) Take a look at your ingame settings, And try to play with minimal graphics. It will help to get rid from lags.

7) You can use an wet cloth at your phone backside. This will help to keep your phone cool. And you'll get smooth gameplay.

That's it guys. Always remember this tips while playing the game. I'm sure, you'll get the benifit. And if you have any question regarding this article, please comment down below in the comment section. I'll happy to help. Thank You !!

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