How To Avoid Phone Calls While Playing Online Games ?

Hello Gamers, Today i'm here with a most wanted topic "How to avoid/block incoming calls while playing online games in your mobile". And i'm sure, this post will be helpful for many users. As a gamer, i know it really hurts as we loose online matches after receiving any phone calls. So, in this topic i will give a complete tutorial to block any incoming calls to get a uninterrupted gameplay. Before we starting the process, please make sure that if you are playing the game using wifi, you can simply turn on flight mode to get rid of phone calls. and in case if you are using your mobile data then here is a solution to solve this issue. At first download OFF MODE app from the playstore. Then follow all the below steps to setup this application.

Step-1: After downloading the app, open it. and select any default message from the template.

Step-2: Select all the checkboxes from the window, or simply choose by your choice. Then click on the start button.

Step-3: After clicking on the start button, an window will open and ask to login in the app. Don't worry, just click on the continue button to skip the login process. And finally your app is ready to work.

Now enjoy the gameplay without worry of any incoming calls. Also you can turn on your incoming calls back by simply clicking on the stop button. If you need more help regarding this post, please comment down below in the comment section. Thank You !!

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