Best Online Multiplayer Battle Royale (PUBG Look-alike) Games For Android

Hello Gamers, Today i'm here with a new article to share top android battle royale games with all of you. In current time, these games are spreading everywhere. And i think, you have been already familiar with battle royale games. Beacuse it's addiction is so high. And we all love to play these games for it's core gameplay. It's very unique and carries lots of fun. And here, incase if you new to this genre, Let me tell you it's main features first. Well, it's a kind of survival game. Where multiple players will jump straight to the battlefield. And survive for their life in a certain ammount of time. Also you'll will need to eliminate other players. And you'll have to escape from the zone also. Else you'll be killed. And last man standing will get the victory after the match ends. Please note, all below games are same. But you may face some variety in ammount of players and map size or location. But gameplay and in game features are the same. As you know, PUBG Mobile is one of the high end game ever made for mobile. And it requires a decent smartphone to work properly. Else you will face gameplay lags or aiming issues. So, here i am going to give a complete list of all those games which you can play and enjoy if you're having a low end device. Or you can simply try these games, if you want to try something new. They alll are preety fun to play ! Now take a look at the list below.

Online Battle Royale Games:

1) PUBG MOBILE (Tencent Games)

2) Fortnite (Epic Games)

3) PUBG MOBILE LITE (Tencent Games)

4) Crossfire: Legends (Tencent Games)

5) RULES OF SURVIVAL (NetEase Games)

6) Hopeless Land (HERO Game)

7) Knives Out: Tokyo Royale (NetEase Games)

8) Survivor Royale (NetEase Games)

9) Survival Squad (Shenzhen Bingchuan Network Co., Ltd)

10) Creative Distruction (ZuoMasterDeveloper)

11) King Of Hunters (NetEase Games)


13) Notorious 99 (Gumbug)

14) Survival Heroes (Snail Games USA Inc)

15) Blood Rivals (Phoenix Games Team)

16) Xiaomi Survival Game (Xiaomi)

Checkout all these battle royale games. And if you have any suggestion, please comment down below in the comment section. Thank You !!

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