Angry Birds Dream Blast 'New Puzzle Game' Launched

Hello Gamers, Today i'm here with a brand new puzzle game to share with all of you, And this an another addition to Angry Birds game series. As we all know, Angry Birds games are very popular among kids and as well in adults too. And in this addition you'll get a classic bubble shooter like gameplay with a new gorgeous visual treat. So, in this article i'll discuss about it's main features. And also we'll try to find out 'why this is an unique game while comparing with out bubble shooters ?'. As i already mentioned, this game is really easy and fun to play. Even a kid can beat all beginner levels in this game. But you'll experince a different challenge after each levels. There are hundreds of levels available to beat. So, dont worry. Just try it once. It's a must have game for those, who always love to play puzzle games or want to pass some free time by playing mobile games. My recommendation for those will be 'Yes, give it a try !!'. I'm sure, you will be addicted after playing some levels. Now take a look at it's main features below.

Main Features:
1) HD & Colorful Graphics
2) Unique Puzzle Solving Gameplay
3) Cute Angry Birds Charecters
4) 100+ Challenging Levels
5) Leaderboard

Angry birds fans, don't miss this game. And also if you have any question about this article, Please comment down below in the comment section. Thank You !!

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